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Albiona Vitija – Daycare Teaching Assistant

My name is Albiona Vitija, I was born in Gladbeck, Germany and currently, I am living in Prishtina with my husband and my one-year-old son.

Since I was little, my main goal was to be a teacher. I finished philology high school and also have a bachelor’s degree in English Language Department / Translation and Education.  I have a certificate for finishing a 3 monthly fashion design course, a 6 weeks make-up course, and also attended Kosovo Learning Summit 2020, 15 total hours.

Before working as a Teacher Assistant in ILG, I used to work in an Albanian-English translation agency. After that, I started to work as an English teacher for preschoolers once a week until I started to work in ILG as a Teacher Assistant at Daycare/Crèche/Toddlers. Working with children is very joyful and challenging as well but I love the challenge of it.

Traveling and seeing new places is what I enjoy the most but cooking is my passion.