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Diellza Jakupi – MYP and DP Mathematics, DP Business Management

Ms. Diellza Jakupi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Mathematics Department from the University of Mathematics and Science in Prishtina, currently, she is working on her Master Degree at UoPeople based in California. She is certified for JAVA Fundamentals and JAVA Advance, following this certification at the beginning of her career she was part of the IT Department at the Public Ministry as an intern.

Ms. Jakupi has been certified as an International Teacher of English ESOL from Chichester College and certified as TESOL/TEFL from the World TESOL Academy. She was part of different Educational Conferences such as CEESAs summits. Since her third year of university, she has taught Math for Primary and Middle School Students at Private centers and at the same time, she served as a Volunteer Math Teacher for other Institutions. Most recently she worked as a Math Teacher at QSI.

Ms.Jakupi is certified for Accounting and Finances and for two years she worked as a Payroll Accountant and Project Accountant for UA Builders and We Work Construction based in New York. Innovation Center of Kosovo ICK was part of her career as well where she worked in Finance Department.

For nearly four years Ms.Jakupi has run her own Math School. Currently, she has 32 Students from different Schools in Prishtina and different countries around the world while teaching them virtually.

Ms. Jakupi is also trained in Developing Mathematical Reasoning and implementing the MYP Curriculum from the International Baccalaureate. She has been part of the different Mathematics workshops both in-person and online. She is part of a Yoga group and loves playing Chess!

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