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The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Student Government


ILG School believes that students should have ownership of their learning, as well as in developing the school in terms of policies, procedures, and activities. Therefore, student voice and input is critically important to the Mission of ILG School.

What is the Student Government?

The Student Government (SG) is an elected group of students who meet regularly and work together to represent the pupils of ILG School.

Who can be a member of the Student Government?

Students in Grade 2 – Grade 10, who are in good academic standing, may participate as SG representatives.

How long can you be a Student Government Representative? 

Student Government representatives are elected to represent their classes and the school for one school year.

How many Student Government Representatives are there?

The Student Government has eight representatives – one from each grade level (Grades 2 – Grade10).


The Student Government is responsible for:

  • Meeting on a regular basis and maintaining agendas and minutes of meetings
  • Planning and implementing school community events
  • Educating peers on school rules and procedures
  • Establishing a mentoring programme for incoming students
  • Communicating requests and concerns brought to them by their peers to the ILG School’ Representative
  • Initiating action projects


Students are eligible to participate if they are in good academic and behavioral standing. Additionally, the Student Government representatives are expected to demonstrate a consistent ability to arrive at school on time and have good attendance. Students who are unable to manage these expectations may have participation suspended or they may be removed from their position.

Selection of Student Government Representatives

One representative will be chosen in each grade level following a process of election determined by each homeroom teacher. 

Appointment of Representatives

Students who have been chosen to become the class representative fill in the Student Government Election Permission Form where they choose which position they would like to hold. During the first meeting of the Student Government, these roles will be voted on and confirmed.

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