What is more important
Than sending your children to a school where they love to learn?

Peripatetic Music Program

Our extensive music curriculum is complemented by a program of peripatetic (private) instrumental lessons. Private instrumental lessons with specialist teachers are offered in piano, violin, singing, guitar, bass guitar, flute, double bass, saxophone, clarinet, and drums.

Some instruments are available for children from Early Years 2 and above and others require children to wait until Grade 1 due to the level of maturity required. All students are encouraged to take up an instrument during the school day if they wish.

Lessons are thirty minutes in duration and are held each week. The lessons take place during the school day on a planned rolling program including during after-school activities time. There is an expectation that children who are involved in peripatetic lessons will practise at home. Peripatetic teachers provide families with regular progress reports.




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