What is more important
Than sending your children to a school where they love to learn?
The more that you read, the more things you will know.
The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Educational Support Services (ESS)

Overview of Educational Support Services (ESS)

The Educational Support Team (EST) is an integral part of the ILG School Educational Support Services. The EST currently comprises of the School Counsellor and Educational Support Services teachers. 

ESS Aims

The ESS team partners with students, parents, community, and other educators to assist in creating an educational environment conducive to the academic, personal, social, and emotional growth of all students. ESS members are involved in implementing programs that support the ILG School Mission to provide a dynamic learning environment through an internationally recognized curriculum that encourages and fosters the intellectual, social, and physical development of our students.

In an effort to provide an inclusive learning environment for all students we have outlined the procedures surrounding identification, placement, review, documentation, strategies for staff for supporting children with needs at ILG School. 

To meet the diverse needs of all learners the IB has “identified four principles of good practice that promote equal access to the curriculum for all learners across the continuum, but that are particularly relevant to those with special needs. These principles are based on elements of good practice that are essential to the development of the whole person.

  1. Affirming identity and building self-esteem

  2. Valuing prior knowledge

  3. Scaffolding

  4. Extending learning”  


Taken from Learning diversity in the International Baccalaureate programmes: Special educational needs within the International Baccalaureate programmes, 2010


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