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Kimete Cakolli – German Teacher

As a Kosovar with swiss nationality, I was born and raised in Switzerland. In August 2021 we moved to Prishtina with my husband and our 4 children. I have a Swiss commercial degree and various language diplomas. I speak 5 languages, German, Albanian, English, French and Italian. Languages and foreign cultures are my passion. My leisure activities are traveling, nature, my family, our dog, and passionately boating. I gained my social pedagogical experience in a Swiss clinic as a teacher for children and young people with physical and mental disabilities. As a mother and language teacher, I am impressed by the ILG School’s philosophy of focusing on the children and supporting them individually according to their needs and I am happy to be a part of it.

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Laurie Adele – Grade 4 Teacher

Mrs. Laurie Adele is a highly qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Science in Visual Design and a Master’s Degree in Education. She holds a teaching certificate and a TESOL certificate from California, USA.

Mrs. Adele has been teaching elementary school for over 15 years and has taught in international schools for more than 5 years. She loves guiding students to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

In her free time, Mrs. Laurie Adele enjoys hiking, taking photographs and playing with her cat Daisy.

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Joshua Thaller – MYP Individuals and Societies Teacher

I Come from Virginia where my family lives. Parents have spent part of their careers abroad which inspired me. I am the oldest of my siblings, a younger brother, and two sisters. I have lived in several different states, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii. I have also traveled to different countries, Italy, France, Kenya, India, China, Mongolia, China, Tailand, and Canada. Always wanted to stay longer, became my goal to work overseas. I am passionate about history and traveling to different parts of the world. I have a BA in History, Masters in education and second Master in History. Gaining these allowed me to reach my career goal of becoming an international History teacher. Currently working on my Ph.D. in history from Liberty University. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing chess, tennis, hikes, watching history movies/shows traveling to different countries and touring museums. I have teaching experience from working abroad in Mongolia, Kuwait, Dubai, and China for the past five years.

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Donjeta Shatri – Grade 2 Teacher

Ms. Donjeta Shatri holds a BA degree in Primary Education from the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Education. Ms. Shatri is now trained to teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). She joined ILG as the Grade 2 Teaching Assistant in early 2019. Prior to ILG, Ms. Shatri volunteered in the non-governmental organization ‘The Ideas Partnership’ as a fifth grade teacher.

She has worked at American School of Kosova and Bedri Gjinaj Elementary School in Mitrovica, Kosova. Ms. Shatri finds childhood memories are either the fondest ones or the ones that you dread most of all to remember. The force of these memories also suggest that the roles of the teachers are ever so vital in the life of a child. When she is not teaching, she loves doing sports.

Ms. Shatri plays for the Balkan Lynx Rugby Club in Prishtina and she is the coach of the Fushe Kosova Bobcats Kids Rugby Club.


Carlos Garcia – Grade 2 Teaching Assistant

Mr Carlos Garcia is a fully qualified teacher. He has received a Bachelor’s degree in pedagogy and a Master’s degree in teaching Spanish for foreigners. He is currently studying another Master’s in the field of education. He has studied in various countries including Norway, Mexico and Spain, his home country.


Mr. Carlos Garcia worked for three years in Ireland as a Kindergarten Montessori teacher. He also held the roles of Spanish teacher and afterschool practitioner. He worked at the American School of Kosovo last year as a K5 teacher and he is happy to join ILG school for the 2021- 2022 school year.


He loves travelling and going to the beach with his family. His passion is sports, especially football, martial arts, and water sports.

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Amanda Turici – Grade 3 Teacher

Amanda is an experienced educator with 16 years of experience in both public and private education. Amanda served in the Peace Corps from. 2008-2011, and is lucky to have lived, and worked, in the United States, Albania, Thailand, and now Kosova. 


Amanda graduated from Western Carolina University, in North Carolina with a degree in Education. She has completed several PYP workshops. Her teaching experiences range from high school to kindergarten and grades 1, 2, 3 and 4. She has also presented at multiple English teaching conferences in the Balkans. Amanda recently completed her TESOL certification and is applying to graduate school. 


In her free time, Amanda enjoys spending time with her two boys, reading (please send book recommendations!) and learning new arts and crafts skills. She is excited about a new adventure in Grade 3 at ILG School!

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Angela Sirera – PYP and MYP Visual Arts Teacher & MYP Design Teacher

Ms. Àngela Sirera was born in the small village of Denia on the eastern coast of Spain. Ms. Sirera has a bachelors of fine arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (U.P.V), a bachelors of fashion design from The School of Art and Design of Valencia (EASD) and a Masters of Education in art and design from The University of Valencia. She has also completed an exchange program from The National Institute of design in India, earning a certificate in textile design.  Ms. Sirera is fluent in four languages: English, Spanish, Catalan and Hindi. 


Ms. Sirera has spent five years in the professional design field. She has primarily worked in the field of sustainable textile design and with the emerging technologies of laser, ozone and nanotechnology. Ms. Sirera has lived and worked in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan educating other professionals in the different methods of producing textiles that are environmentally friendly; leaving no footprint on the planet. Her approach to teaching, having bestowed the technical skills of art, design and technology to her students, encourages them to utilize their own creativity, insight and problem solving, while at the same time creating an environment of learning enjoyment.       


In addition to teaching, Ms. Sirera is a certified yoga instructor and an avid practitioner. She is a mixed media painter who enjoys swimming, international travel, advocating for human rights, and spending time with her cat Penchito.

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Leonida Mahmuti – Grade 1 CO-Teacher

Ms. Leonidë Mahmuti holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Language from AAB University, Prishtina and she is about to complete her Master’s degree in this area. Ms.Mahmuti is a TESOL/TEFL certified teacher from World TESOL Academy. She is also certified to teach English to young learners.


Ms. Mahmuti has more than five years of teaching experience. She worked as an English teacher with different groups of students prior to starting at ILG in 2019. Her greatest passion in life is teaching and she is pleased to continue her teaching career at ILG School. 


Ms. Mahmuti likes reading, cooking, and learning new languages. She speaks Albanian, English, Spanish, Italian, and a little Turkish.

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Arjeta Bllaca/Reqica – Grade1 CO-Teacher

Ms. Arjeta Bllaca-Reqica has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language with a GPA 9.89. She is about to complete her Master’s Degree in this area with only three more exams to finally finish it. She has successfully completed the TOEFL test, from which she reached a high score.

Ms. Bllaca-Reqica completed an internship in a primary school, with students who attended English language classes. She learned about the pedagogy of teaching and evaluating.

Following this, she worked as an English teacher in Kindergarten from 2016-2020. She also worked with primary school students. Ms. Bllaca-Reqica has attended various trainings regarding soft skills.

From each training, she has learned something new that she could use in teaching. Teamwork, problem solving, and time management are just some of the skills that she has challenged herself with while attending those trainings. Married with two children, Ms. Bllaca-Reqica likes writing essays and reading novels. She loves syntax, dancing and watching movies.

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Mirlinda Kusari – Whole School Librarian

Ms. Mirlinda Kusari has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology from University of Prishtina. After a few years of experience in administration she joined ILG in 2010. In administration, Mirlinda was part of major developments of the school and has contributed not only to administering the ‘student lifecycle’ from registration or admission to graduation or leaving, but also to the academic coordination and substitute teaching.

Ms. Kusari became a teaching assistant during the school year 2017-2018. As of school year 2019- 2020, she is the whole school Librarian. ILG School uses Follett Destiny Library Manager for managing their library resources, and Ms. Kusari has been trained in this library management system and is helping to strengthen the crucial bond between the library, the classroom, and home.

Ms. Kusari is also trained in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) which is vital as she works with each homeroom teacher to support their units of inquiry.